Only Five Days Left

Only Five Days Left

There are only five critical days left until the last day to vote in this election and fight for workers' rights.

At this moment, only 32% of ballots have been returned. (Real-time tracking here.) That means we have work to do.

1) If you haven't turned in your ballot, don't wait. If you know folks who need to turn in their ballot, remind them. We need every voice heard that LA says NO on the Recall.

Vote now by mailballot drop box, or at any open vote center.

2) We need every voice heard that LA says NO on the Recall, which means we need ALL HANDS ON DECK. We're going to knock on every door and make every call that we can to make sure Angelenos cast their ballots and say NO on the Recall. We can't afford to risk things like the minimum wage.

Sign Up and Take Action. Let's GOTV.