The Reserve Committee helps verify the Company's compliance with established rules and procedures regarding reserve assignments.  For example, committee members monitor assignments, trips assigned out of order, reserve legalities, trades and more.



  • Marty Bierbrier* - (323) 646-8548
  • Missy Cobbs - (951) 903-6587
  • Alicia Kern - (310) 920-2237
  • Ron Rue - (310) 508-5669          
  • Cindy Silva - (951) 264-5468
  • Marcos Sanchez - (949) 892-9674

Reserve Referencing System

(sec.8.F.1 - 4)

F. Receipt of Assignments Through the Preferencing System

1. Assignments for Reserves shall be made available by an automated communication system accessible by telephone, no later than 1930 hours. All Reserves scheduled to be available the following day (except those currently working a pairing) must ascertain and acknowledge their assignment by utilizing the automated means provided by the Company between 1930 and 2400. (Automated communication means shall be used to obtain reserve assignments.) Assignment information on the automated communication system shall identify the Reserve Flight Attendant by file number and the appropriate assignment which shall include the pairing number. In addition to the automated communication system Flight Attendants shall be able to receive and acknowledge assignments online. These assignments will be to one of the following:

  1. A specific pairing. (The Flight Attendant is then free from contact.)
  2. The Ready Reserve List. (The Flight Attendant must then remain available for contact.)
  3. Release. (The Flight Attendant is then free from contact until the evening prior to her/his next available day.)
  4. Reserve Flight Attendants who are given an assignment via the automated communication system will be given the pairing number, check-in time, termination time and date, and the open position(s) on the pairing. If the pairing is not contained in the monthly bid schedules, the Company will make available information regarding the complete assignment including layover points, hotel and hotel telephone number, length of layover, length of duty day and scheduled return to Base.

2. If a Reserve is unable to access her/his assignment via the automated communication system, or the system malfunctions, the affected Reserve must call the crew desk for their assignment.

3. Reserves who are working a pairing at the time the assignments referred to in this Paragraph are being made, will have their time accrued position based on their projected time accrued after completing the pairing. If she/he returns after 2400 and did not receive an assignment as part of Reserve Preferencing, the Reserve should contact the crew scheduler upon arrival.

4. A Reserve who is returning from sick leave status shall be treated as follows:

  1. If she/he calls off sick leave prior to 1600, she/he will be given an assignment through the preferencing system via the 1930 automated communication system and online system;
  2. If she/he calls off sick leave between 1600 and 1930, she/ he will be given an assignment via the 1930 automated communication system and online system;
  3. If she/he calls off sick leave after 1930 and up to 2400, an assignment will be given to her/him at the time of the call;
  4. A Flight Attendant calling off sick leave after 2400, shall be considered on sick leave for the calendar day.