The Safety, Health, and Security Committee helps maintain and improve Flight Attendant safety, health, and cabin safety standards.

The Committee monitors local IOR reorts and maintains a local database to track and trend reported safety incidents; participates in local accident/incident investigations; and reports to the MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee.

Safety, Health, and Security

Los Angeles Representatives 

  • George Leivers* - (760) 458-4252
  • Kim Moore-Mestas - (805) 905-4989
  • Heidi Napier - (714) 313-8988

San Diego Representatives

  • Heidi Avery - (619) 251-7933
  • George Leivers - (760) 458-4252

If you are unsure if your report qualifies for ISAP, please contact a Safety, Health & Security Committee Member via phone or emai!

EBOLA Information





The Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP)

A Flight Attendant should file an ISAP when she/he has or thinks she/he has:

  • Violated an F.A.R.
  • Violated a safety policy or procedure
  • Failed to follow safety guidance of FAOM
  • Or, they are just not sure.

Report an ISAP via SkyNet, within 24 hours (48 hours internationally) after completion of their ID, or within 24 hours of becoming aware of the possible violation.

Alternatively, a report can be filed using the ISAP hotline, via FLT-LINE option 7, but in those instances, a report must also be submitted via Flying Together/Skynet within 72 hours.


Alert: AFA Now Excluded from ISAP

We received new information from United management that is disconcerting and has immediate implications for those Flight Attendants who elect to use the company provided voluntary reporting system, still being referred to as ISAP. Management has advised us today that reports submitted through the established ISAP channels will be reviewed “under the ERC framework”, a framework that now excludes your Union representation. Because the Association has not been provided clear information on what this new review structure consists of nor are we clear who will be reviewing these reports, it is not possible for us to guarantee how reports will be dispositioned.

While the Association continues to work a path forward with the FAA for Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) renewal, we strongly encourage all Flight Attendants to submit safety concerns or events via NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) at the following link: which is also available from the homepage of our website.

AFA remains dedicated to a robust safety reporting program and safety culture. Our commitment has never wavered.  We do not take this action lightly but rather, we act out of a dedicated commitment to our Membership to ensure you have all the information about how the company has unilaterally changed the program we have publicly supported since its inception as the first Part 121 Cabin Aviation Safety Action Program.

Additional information on ASRS can be found by using the following link.  As your representative, know that we continue to work on your behalf and in your best interest. To this end, please provide us with copies of any reports that you submitted to ASRS by dropping those in your Local Council mailbox in the domicile.