Timothy has been a flight attendant for over 29 years. His experience began with legacy Continental, volunteering for Reserve Scheduling rules 27 years ago. There was no contract on the property and reserve flight attendants were being scheduled and flown under fuzzy parameters. He was then appointed as a one-man reserve committee reporting back to the main union office some of the abuses reserve FA’s were receiving. Within a year,  he was appointed Grievance Committee Chair for their small LAX flight attendant base. For nearly eight years, he filed and processed grievances at the first and second step of the grievance procedure, conducted informational meetings for the flight attendants, attended executive council meetings, and assisted in merging their tiny independent union with the IAMAW.

From producing and writing newsletters, to conducting meetings, and processing grievances, Timothy has been front and center assisting FA’s on a personal basis at the domicile level for much of his career. He has always been a union activist and supporter of union activities on behalf of flight attendants. He believes that by speaking with one voice while acting in concert, we have power. Education of all members, especially our newer members, is key for AFA and its future. Timothy believes that having a diverse group of representatives for this Local Executive Council with varying seniority, from different pre-merger airlines with different levels of experience, will help build a council that is representative of all flight attendants domiciled at LAX.

Timothy's experience will provide context from his pre-merger background and provide understanding with various sections of our new contract which emanated from the legacy Continental contract. He looks forward to working with a great team of United Flight Attendants, and believes that with an attitude of “roll up our sleeves let’s get the work done,” we have the ability to lead our council forward to make all United Flight Attendants at LAX proud.

Timothy Trueman
Council Representative

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
United Airlines - AFA Council 12
CWA Local 29012 – Los Angeles