Tanya Livingstone has been a flight attendant and member of AFA-CWA for over 3 decades. During that time, she was primarily dedicated to raising her children but always knew she would like to get involved and give back to the union.

In 2018 she began volunteering her time to serve as an EAP/ Professional Standards Committee Rep for Council 12. Helping her fellow flight attendants with many different issues including FADAP (Flight Attendant Drug & Alcohol Program) may have it’s challenges, but she finds it to be very rewarding work.

As the newly elected Local Secretary, Tanya is sinking her teeth into further aspects of union work, proving you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! She is enjoying the new responsibilities and facets of her position like helping flight attendants with legality issues and contract interpretations in real time, especially new hires who may not feel confident standing up for their contractual rights.

During her term, Tanya looks forward to encouraging others to read and learn and know their contract. Also she hopes she can inspire others to get involved and by doing so, show their solidarity...for solidarity is what will tilt the balance of power during contract negotiations!