Kimberly Burckhalter has been a proud United Airlines Flight Attendant and member of AFA-CWA for more than 20 years. She serves our Union and family of Flight Attendants, striving for changes that make our jobs safer, more fulfilling, and something that we all can continue to be proud of.  She believes that everything comes down to the people serving others on the “front lines”; those that are DIRECTLY related to the decisions made often without our input and insight.

Her record and years of service as a Union rep show that she does not shy away from sacrificing her time and dedication to help represent our Union and all of our valued members.

In addition to serving as the Vice-President & AFA Grievance Committee Chairperson for Local Executive Council 12, Kimberly also served in the Master Executive Council Office in various capacities.  She is excited to utilize her years of experience and her unending efforts to ensure the language in our contract is never misinterpreted or overlooked. She is a voice for those that are unable to make the “noise” necessary to bring attention to the issues important to all us.

Kimberly Burckhalter

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
United Airlines - AFA Council 12
CWA Local 29012 – Los Angeles | San Diego | Seattle