Jennifer Mannan has been a flight attendant for United for twenty-five years. She began her union participation with a Chaos Campaign in the late 1990s, but she didn't fully immerse herself in union activities until she transferred to LAX in 2010.  She was asked to join the Employee Assistance Program/Professional Standards committee because of her previous education in psychology and desire to help other flight attendants.

She was selected as local Chairperson in 2013 and has encouraged and supported other flight attendants to join the committee as well. Working hard to assist others who require assistance with substance misuse, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, marital/family issues, work-related challenges, and dispute resolution among coworkers.  She maintains a professional and confidential relationship with all LAX flight attendants.

Jennifer was recently elected as Vice-Chairperson to the Master Executive Council EAP/PS committee, where she will help to oversee all committee volunteers and assist other flight attendants systemwide.  Her position has also made her a member of the FADAP (Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program) advisory board.

She believes that with the work of the AFA and all our dedicated members, United Flight Attendants will be able to secure an industry-leading contract in the future.