My name Is Anthony King, a newly transfer to the SANSW satellite base.  For the last 20 years, I was based at our London domicile. During that time, it allowed me the opportunities to live in France and England which was amazing.

For the last seven years, I served as the President for AFA-CWA Council 7 in London, a position that was both challenging and rewarding. I had set some personal goals, while President of that Council, which I feel was successful with its results.  The goal was to engage the base to be more involved with understanding their contract, advocating for resolution when contractual or operational issues arouse, and to increase those volunteering for their Union at the Council. I was excited that our team was successful in all areas.  It was an honor to be of service to such a diverse and amazing group of Union brothers and sisters.  They will always hold a place in my heart.

During my tenure, a large portion of the focus were on issues that were more general to the Council 7 membership. We suffered some unique challenges specific to its location that differs from our colleagues stateside.  The Council had an extensive and exhausting relationship with our Payroll Department. There were several ongoing issues, but together we were able to get it sorted and put back on track. Another goal met was building up our committee volunteers to which I will always be thankful. They set some high standards, great examples, and remained passionate and available for not only our Council 7 members but many out-of-base members.  I was pleased with our successes as a group and want to continue my work.

Fast forward to September 2019,  I find myself back in San Diego.  Because of tax implications and capital gains issues, the UK was not financially viable which facilitated my move to San Diego.  I am currently in the process of selling our flat and securing the paperwork for my husband. We will be also bringing our cat, Captain, and our long-haired Dachshund, Marshall to our new surroundings. I am sure they will be big hits in the neighborhood with their British accents!

I was approached by Dante about running for a Council Representative position to better aid our colleagues in our San Diego base.  Having sat next to Dante for seven years at the MEC table, it seemed odd that he would be my ‘boss’ but after a few conversations,  I agreed.  I have always been active with our Union and wanted to remain active.  I started when I transferred to LA in 1986 where I was a Reserve Member. Since I served seven years of straight RSV and seven more on AB rotation, I have a soft spot for those serving RSV capacity.  I continued my volunteer work as an Info Rep, Membership Engagement, and eventually the LECP position.  As a President for a small International Council, I was well educated in the various MEC Committees but have a passion for Line Building, EAP, and Government Affairs.

I know that San Diego is going to be an amazing base where I have already met such dynamic people and look forward to meeting more.

In Solidarity,

Anthony King
Council Representative
AFA-CWA Council 12 - LAX | SAN | SEA