Calculating Holiday Pay

Calculating Holiday Pay

We remind everyone of the upcoming U.S. Contractual holiday, Independence Day (July 4th) as set forth in Section 2.Q of our Contract. Flight Attendants receive additional pay for flight assignments flown and training assignments (CQ) occurring on, or over designated holidays. As a reminder, Flight Attendants are eligible to be paid for a maximum of five (5) holidays per year, one of which includes the Flight Attendant’s birthday.

Holiday Pay is calculated using a formula as defined in Section 4.I of our Contract:

  • Hourly rate of pay times
  • The credited flight time for the pairing
  • Divided by the number of hours away from home
  • Times the number of hours away from home falling with the holiday

Note: Premium pay is not included when determining holiday pay.

There are also a few additional considerations for Reserves:

  • Reserves are eligible for holiday pay unless released on a holiday then no holiday pay is paid
  • If you are assigned to Ready Reserve status and you do not fly, holiday pay is credited at 4:27 in a 30-day month or 4:13 in a 31-day month at the applicable hourly rate of pay for the Reserve 
  • The Reserve daily rate for holiday pay is different than the Reserve daily value used for other purposes

For additional details, see the latest revision of the Reserve Survival Guide