Hustle Campaign Launch

As negotiations heat up, so does our mobilization!

This fall, our United AFA MEC unanimously passed a resolution to "redouble efforts to back up our Negotiating Committee with action, creative pressure tactics, federal mediation, and, if necessary, a strike vote and CHAOS™ preparations."

We're wearing our red pins every flight. We've ramped up informational picketing, including our upcoming Dec. 14 Deck the Halls with Action. We're wearing our CONTRACT NOW! red lanyards. Starting today, November 30th, you may be receiving a text message from a fellow United AFA flying partner and volunteer asking you to confirm your contact information with our Union.

Please confirm your contact information with your flying partner! We want to keep members up-to-date with timely, accurate information about negotiations, and be fully prepared for whatever it takes to get the Contract we deserve.

We are unified and United.

RSVP and join us December 14!