Open Enrollment, Skin cancer screenings (SkinIO) and Wellness Checks

MEC  Benefits Committee

 As 2023 comes to a close, and we approach the busy holiday season, we recognize this is the time of year when we build "To Do Lists" to ensure we don't miss any of the important year-end deadlines.

While not wanting to overwhelm you with "To Do" items at this time of the year, your MEC Benefits Committee encourages you to add health check-ups to your "To Do List."

Appendix C of Section 29 - Benefits (pages 262 - 264) outlines all of the Preventive Coverage exams, screenings, and immunizations (i.e., Flu, pneumonia, mammograms, travel vaccines) that are covered at 100%.

Our negotiated medical, dental, and vision plans allow us to keep ourselves and our dependents healthy and detect illnesses before they become problematic. Over the past several years, our overall health mindset due to the COVID pandemic necessarily became more reactive rather than proactive with a focus on preventative care. We strongly encourage everyone to return to the pre-pandemic "preventative care" mindset that has served us well in the past and that we anticipate will continue to do so into the future.

While not specifically cited in our Contract, the invaluable service offered to Flight Attendants by SkinIO in the early detection of skin cancer simply should not be dismissed or overlooked. As the predominant cancer affecting United employees, and that early detection indisputably saves lives, taking advantage of a completely free service where screenings can be conducted using our mobile device in the privacy of our home almost entirely eliminates any reason for us not to take advantage of this opportunity. You are able to acquire the app through the various app stores available. Search SKINIO for the application that facilitates a total body skin check.

Open Enrollment closes the week prior to the U.S. Thanksgiving Day Holiday on November 17, 2023. We continue to encourage everyone to take the time to use the tools devised by the Benefits group to make an assessment of the coverage that best suits you and your family's needs for the upcoming year.

Appendix A of Section 29 - Benefits highlights Plan Designs for Required Medical Options. It is here that you will find specific information on the requirements of the Contract as it pertains to deductibles (in and out of network), HSA Seed Amounts (if applicable), Maximum Out of Pocket limits (in and out of network) as well as if there is a cross-application of Out of Network deductibles and Out of Pocket to in-network services. Consider the total cost of your plan choices by avoiding a specific focus on deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums. Also, don't lose sight of the fact that Health Care Flexible Spending Account balances have a very limited use (Dental & Vision only) when you elect a plan having a Health Savings Account. If you have questions, first review the information available at Your Benefits Resource from the Flying Together website. If questions remain, don't hesitate to contact the UABC at 800-651-1007.

For your planning purposes in the New Year, the contribution limit for employees who participate in 401(k) plans increases to $23,000 for 2024, up from the prior year's $22,500. The catch-up contribution limit for employees aged 50 and over who participate in 401(k) remains $7,500 for 2024. Therefore, starting in 2024, those who are 50 or over participating in 401(k) plans can contribute up to $30,500.