My name is Sharlene Kirk and I started my career as a Flight Attendant more than 31 years ago.  I had always supported the union in whatever way I could, be it union picketing for flight attendants or other union workgroups, campaigning for state governors, representatives, and senators, or informational rallies.  In September of 2001, a colleague suggested I join the scheduling committee.  I liked puzzles and I liked the idea of helping my fellow flight attendants by building lines with more consistency.  It was very challenging back then and is still so because of all the changes we are going through.  In 2003 I became the schedule chair and I continue to hold this position today.

I have also been a council rep in LAX for one term.  I then ran for MEC Central Scheduling Committee in Chicago and won.  I remained on  CSC for 6 1/2 years.  During my tenure, I advocated for a better quality of life for all Flight Attendants and especially for LAX.  I still want to see more growth in our Council.  We are the new United and I know I can help LAX | SAN | SEA get ready for our new beginnings.