AFA Honors Black History Month

AFA Honors Black History Month

AFA Human Rights & Equity Committee

February is Black History Month. It is a dedicated time to honor and celebrate the contributions of Black Americans throughout history and the present, with emphasis on achievements that have been impactful domestically and abroad. It is an opportunity to engage in stories that provide historical context and highlight accomplishments that are often overlooked and not discussed in the standard history books.

Let us dedicate time and space for our Black siblings to hear their stories of both resilience and excellence. It’s also a great month to explore shopping from Black businesses - because economic justice is social justice.

Finally, this month allows us to reflect on how far we have come, yet how much further we have to go and decide what our role will be in this work. Be sure to check out any events in your area.

Read AFA Human Rights & Equity Committee’s newsletter on Black History Month.

Our union has two pins available to mark the month: the AFA Black History Month Pin and the AFA Black Lives Matter Pin.