RSVP! Our Next Day of Action on February 13th

RSVP! Our Next Day of Action on February 13th

The countdown is on! We are just a few weeks away from one of the largest Days of Action in aviation history.

On February 13th, over 100,000 Flight Attendants will come together in solidarity around the world to fight for industry-leading contracts from United, American, Omni, Alaska, and Southwest.

It is a universal truth that Flight Attendants are the heart and soul of aviation. Regardless of the airlines we call home, we are unified in our commitment to the professionalism of our careers, the safety of the traveling public, and not just preserving but improving this career for generations of Flight Attendants to come.

The future of aviation is bright, and together, we will challenge the status quo and make our expectations for an industry-leading contract we can ratify in months, not years.

RSVP and plan to join us on February 13th and make your voice heard. Contract NOW!