Benefits Annual Open Enrollment for Retirees & Active Employees

Benefits Annual Open Enrollment for Retirees & Active Employees

It's that time of year when we once again have the opportunity to make benefit elections for the 2024 calendar year.

Retiree Open Enrollment 

  • Annual Open Enrollment for Retirees commences October 9. 2023 and will close on October 27, 2023.

Active Employee Open Enrollmen

  • Consistent with the changes implemented two years ago, Annual Open Enrollment for Active Employees commences after Retiree Open Enrollment has closed; this year the Active Employee Open Enrollment period will be October 30, 2023, and through November 17, 2023.

As a result of changes that are occurring in the health markets on an ongoing basis, your MEC Benefits Committee strongly recommends, before making your selections, that everyone take the time to verify their doctors are (and will continue to be) "in-network" for the 2024 Benefits year.

Based on information received from United management, no changes to insurance carriers are anticipated; depending on where you live, Aetna or Blue Cross/Blue Shield will continue as the Preferred Providers (PPO) contracted by United.

At the MEC Benefits Committee's quarterly meeting with United management, we received preliminary information about the projected health and wellness rates for 2024.  As is our practice, that rate information is being reviewed by the Union's actuarial firm for accuracy. The information provided (but not yet fully verified) suggests there will be an overall aggregate rate increase of 6% for 2024 benefits. Once reviewed by our actuarial firm, if there are changes to any of the rates, we will let you know.

Watch your mail for your notification for open enrollment.