United MEC Approves Opening Proposal

United MEC Approves Opening Proposal

This past week the United Master Executive Council met to review our Opening Proposal. Our AFA Negotiating Committee presented it to the MEC, and reviewed it line-by-line. Your elected Leaders spent 3 full days reviewing the new provisions, clarifications, amendments, and deletions contained within, to ensure it met the priorities identified by the collective Membership.

Broad reaching discussion occurred during the course of this meeting on how the proposed items may alter the meaning and current practice, and an in-depth review of new items in the proposal and how they  would interact with our current Contract provisions. Your MEC asked questions, provided feedback, and continued their review, as some aspects of the Opening Proposal were modified during the meeting, until collectively, each of your Local Leaders and the Negotiating Committee reached consensus that the Opening Proposal would meet the objectives of the Membership and reflect the enormous amount of feedback you have provided.

It’s important to remember, that while compiling our Opening Proposal is a significant achievement, it is a starting point, not the finishing line. On Friday September 24, following the end-to-end review of the Opening Proposal, the United Master Executive Council voted unanimously to accept the Opening Proposal, adopting the following resolution:

Resolution to Adopt, Approve and Present Opening Proposal to United Airlines

WHEREAS, The United Master Executive Council met with the UAL MEC Negotiating Committee in conference from September 21-24, 2021, to deliberate and review our Union’s Opening Proposal for Negotiations with United Airlines, and

WHEREAS, the Opening Proposal was developed by the UAL MEC Negotiating Committee as a result of the detailed feedback obtained directly from our Union’s Members through a process of Membership Surveys and a systemwide series of Listening Tours, and

WHEREAS, the UAL MEC Negotiating Committee has developed a thorough and complete Opening Proposal that responds comprehensively to a diverse range of concerns, interests and needs of our  Members, and

WHEREAS, the United Master Executive Council has now completed a thorough and detailed review of the Opening Proposal, and is satisfied that the Opening Proposal represents a full and complete expression of our Members’ wish to enjoy the benefits of an industry-leading collective agreement,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the United Master Executive Council fully endorses the work of the UAL MEC Negotiating Committee in developing the Opening Proposal, and

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the United Master Executive Council recognizes the extraordinary efforts of the UAL MEC Negotiating Committee to which this body extends our gratitude and thanks on behalf of the Union’s entire membership, and

THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the United Master Executive Council unanimously adopts and approves the Opening Proposal, as amended during the course of our meeting, endorses the Opening Proposal, and moving forward, fully supports its presentation to United Airlines on behalf of the Members.
Unanimously adopted
September 24, 2021

In the days and weeks ahead, the Opening Proposal, the merits, meaning, and benefit of many items contained within are likely to be the topic of many discussions. Remember: GET THE FACTS, from our Union, not social media. Contract2021.org, Local Council Representatives, and your InfoReps, who can be identified by their purple bag tags and badge backers, are your ONLY official source of accurate information. Don’t be led off the path of accuracy by rumor and speculation. Ask questions of your Representatives and get factual answers.

And in all your engagement, remember to be civil and respectful in your discourse with one another. Avoid the pitfalls of social media. Management is watching! We’re at the beginning, we’ve got a long road, let’s stay true to each other and the process. Only together will we accomplish something great with an Industry Leading Contract that reflects the priorities of our Flight Attendant community and the respect we have earned as professionals.

What’s Next:
Monday, October 4: The Negotiating Committee will meet with the company to exchange Opening Proposals.

Tuesday, October 5: The full text of our Opening Proposal, as well as a Summary, will be available at contract2021.org. Additionally, a copy of the Summary of our proposal will be mailed to each Flight Attendant’s address of record.

Wednesday, October 6: The Negotiating Committee hits the road, kicking off our AFA Opening Proposal Roadshow in Orlando. We encourage you to attend the Roadshow at any location that’s convenient for you, to hear more about our Opening Proposal, ask questions, and engage in-person with the Negotiating Committee.